Friday, August 5, 2016

3 Key elements to Promoting Stewardship: Guaranteed to Generate Enthusiasm to a Struggling Program

Start a Welcoming Committee and implement a welcoming process.

Hold a ministry/volunteer appreciation event.

Develop an on-going lay witness program.

Best Practices in Forming a Stewardship Council

Formation for a Stewardship Council:

1.  Pray together, first
2.  Study the U.S. Bishops' Pastoral Letter:  Stewardship:  A Disciple's Response.
3.  Assess the current parish circumstances with input from parish leadership groups.
4.  Develop a plan and put it on paper.
5.  Implement the plan with periodic assessments of it.
6.  Utilize resources from the diocesan stewardship office.
7.  Communicate with neighboring parishes...what has worked and not worked for them.
8.  Participate in learning opportunities offered through DOSA or the International Catholic Stewardship Council.

9.  Pray together, often!

















      What is Stewardship?

      It is easy to denote what it is not, but here is a definitive for what it is.

      Stewardship is:

      ...fundamentally the work of the Spirit in our lives. It is, ultimately, the pull and the power of the Gospel come alive in our times and circumstances."
            (U.S. Catholic Bishops’ pastoral letter, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response)

      Pastor's Role in a Stewardship Focused Parish

      Pastor practices in Word
      Does your pastor speak about stewardship?

      How does he talk about stewardship?

      When does he talk about stewardship? (Pulpit, meetings, individual conversations)

      Pastor practices in Deed
      Are you able to observe your pastor practicing stewardship in deed?

      What are some actions you've observed?

      Monday, August 1, 2016

      Diocese of Wichita--- Stewardship A Way of Life Video

      Follow this available in Spanish and English.

      Do's and Don'ts of Stewardship Witness Talks


      Explain that stewardship means giving of the “first fruits,” not what is left over.
      Talk about the personal need of each Christian to give thanks.
      Stress “Many of you know from your own experiences that what I have told you is true”.
      This is a way to thank those who are already practicing stewardship.
      Stress the joy and fulfillment that comes to those who give God the first share of their time, talent, and treasure as a way of expressing their gratitude and trust in God.
      Talk about intentional, planned and proportionate giving.
      Emphasize that it is important to give all three - time, talent and treasure.
      Explain that stewardship involves not only church (parish and diocese); it also includes community.


      Stress church needs or budgets.
      Talk in bargaining terms (e.g. “I gave this much time or treasure and God gave me this in return.”)
      Talk in specific dollar or time amounts.
      Use threats of possible consequences stemming from the failure to give.
      Suggest that parish stewardship is an obligation

      Communicate with Parishioners.

      The message of stewardship should be communicated many times over the course of the year – utilizing many media sources.  Parishes that have been successful in the past have a comprehensive and informational stewardship presence on the parish website, print updates in the bulletin and parish newsletter on a regular basis; include stewardship messages in the liturgy (General Intercessions), and provide parishioners with a Quarterly Report and Annual Parish Stewardship Accountability Report.  Most communications should thank, inform and invite continued involvement.